31st International Music Festival of Portogruaro


The 2013 festival edition celebrated one of the most significant personality of the entire music story, an immortal icon: Ludwig van Beethoven. His art is a true watershed: none of the composers that came after him could ignore the greatness of his contribute to the history of music. Very soon he became a model of independent thought for many intellectuals and a symbol of the western culture ( his “Ode to joy” is since 1972 the European Union anthem). Through the centuries he was celebrated even by literature and cinema and became an icon of Andy Warhol’s pop-Art. Even today, sometimes children play and sing his “Destiny theme” in moments of suspense; they don’t even know it is a Beethoven composition…in Stanley Kubrick’s “A clockwork orange”, the main character is so obsessed by Beethoven that he has violent fit of madness when he listens to his music. The 2013 festival has been divided into two different parts. The first is about the immortal 9 symphonies and the 7 solo and orchestra’s concerts (which have never been played in Portogruaro). The second will try to bring to the light the different aspects of Beethoven’s personality, which is much more complex than people may think. This part will be called “The other Beethoven” and will propose events that show the ironic, naïve and sometimes even easy-going aspects of the great composer. The third part will study how Beethoven has been considered by popular culture, modern culture, arts and cinemas. We’ll try to study Beethoven’ effect in every possible way, considering the myth and the real composer, trying to find out all about this personality, a pillar of the western culture. Great international artists are expected to attend the festival and many important lessons will be organized as other events, introduction  conferences, happenings and open air concerts that animate Portogruaro’s nights since 1983.