The summer  is getting close and the Fondazione Musicale Santa Cecilia presents the several masterclasses which are forecasted from the 17th of August  to the 7th of September inside of the Festival of Portogruaro. The cellist Enrico Bronzi, who  is also the Festival’s  artistic director, declares:  “As in the past, also  this year the masterclasses respect the Festival’s usual structure which is made up of individual lessons, hold by prominent teachers and a contnual exchange of musical experiences among the students  that, in this way, have the precious opportunity to introduce themselves to our public” . The courses offer a wide set of subjects and activities from the lessons which are focuse on violin improvment, to music pedagogy, receving  “a lot of teachers of important international music universities and famous performers”,  continues  the artistic director. “There are awaited renowned feces and some novities ,like, for exemple, the violinist Yair Kless , the dean of the Rubin Academy of Tel Aviv” . The  young musicians itinerary will be characterized by curiosity, hard work, enjoyment and an international atmosphere. Theese couses, are very useful to open new perspectives and points of view.  The masterclasses, in fact, are in a continual connection and exchange with the Festival . “In the best cases” concludes Bronzi- “several students that took part in the last editions, bacame guests during the following Festivals. This is what that we always hope for: Don’t lose sight of our best student.  We also know that many teacher and studens exchange our affection: Who has been to Portogruaro, often remember this city with a lot of pleasure.

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