30th International Music Festival of Portogruaro

23rd August- 13th September 2012

“It’s night: Now all the gush fountains speak up, and my soul is also a gush fountain”

F. Nietzsche, Così parlò Zarathustra

Far from the noise of the day, the night is a moment which naturally predispose to the listening. In the night there is no sound that doesn’t exsist for any deep reason: in fact, if the sound shows itself without any reason it will produce fears and questions. Wrapped from the darkness silence, the music finds here its space, its nest. This year, the Festival, the Music Summer, which also includes the celebrations for its thirtieth anniversary, focuses on this suggestion. The night’s tale will be the night song, the nocturne piano, the espressionist trasfiguration, the office of darkness. The night is the metaphor of the wait, of the unknown, of the death, but also of sweetness, of eternity, and of never-ending space. The dream and the refreshment is nocturne, but also the deep reflection is nocturne and so, the wondering shepherd’s song. Nights are a thousand and one. Night is Valpurga. Night is Dante’s exit of the hell. Night is the same hell. In the sweet fragrance of summer nights it’s possible to observe the moon, engine of tides, queen of secret desires. An inscrutable figure which dominates in an underhand manner our unconscious. In the night it is possible to suffer because of the moon, but it is also possible to pray own gods. The Festival’s events are unprooted in a lot of suggestive placed of the city: As well as the “Teatro Russolo”, the “Collegio Marconi”, the “Duomo di Sant’Andrea”, the “Chiesa di San Luigi”, Tte “Piazzetta Percheria” (where there are the thirty-year’s celebrations) and the other locations of the city that host the most informal moments of the kermess. Great protagonists of music world and young promises, a lot of which were trained themselves just during our past masterclasses, alternate their partecipation on the Festival’s scene to give life to events which focus on old, modern and contemporary music until the popular music and jazz. Above all that it is necessary to add the formative experience, strengthen through the years and the pride to organize a festival complitely produced.

Enrico Bronzi

With the appearance of: Altenberg Trio, Giampaolo Bandini, Armando Battiston, Simone Briatore, Enrico Bronzi, Camerata Salzburg, Francesco e Stefano Cerrato, Claudio Desderi, Vittorio Ghielmi, Giovanni Gnocchi, Christine Hoock, Il Suonar Parlante, Merel Quartet, Roberto Plano, Herbert Schuch, Alessandro Taverna, Trio di Parma and others…