Active students

violino, viola, violoncello, contrabbasso, pianoforte, arpa, chitarra, laboratorio di canto:

€ 295 + € 100 (registration fee)

pianoforte (Lovato):

€ 165 + € 100 (registration fee)

musica da camera:

€ 135 + € 100 (registration fee)

pedagogia musicale:

Please contact the secretary for the detailed course programm and fees.   |   tel. (+39) 0421270069


ticket for the whole period: €100

day ticket: € 20


Deadline: 14 July 2012

Download the regulation in pdf


The courses are open to instrumentalists and ensembles from all nations and with no age limit. Masterclasses and specials courses will be held according to the following schedule and regulations. Students will be divided into active students and auditors. General rules are fixed for all the classes and particular rules for chamber music courses and for singing workshops. Courses reaching the minimun requirement of 8 participants will be activated.

Each teacher will determinate the class schedule based on the individual needs of every class. The students that want to attend this kind of classes had to indicate on the application form the arriving and leaving date that are scheduled. If there are not information about these dates, the classes assigned by the secretary and not attended by the students will not refunded. anyway. The repertoire to be studied will be decided upon with the teachers at the beginning of the course. Some teachers will be assisted by teaching assistant and collaborators. It is the exclusive responsibility of the teacher to assign students to their class or to that of the teacher’s assistant, and to decide how the lesson hours will be subdivided. At the time of enrollment (using the space available on the enrollment form or with an attached paper) please indicate your preferred repertoire. Students are required to bring musical scores, parts and piano arrangements of the musical excerpts they intend to play. Students are invited to send the scores for the piano accompanists.


In order to attend the courses, an admission test, which will take place the first day of the course, must be passed. The commission has the right to interrupt the exam at any moment. All decisions of the admissions panel are incontestable and final. Active students may attend as auditors any of the other master courses without paying. For all students they are allowed to attend a course of another teacher only by paying the attendance fee. Those applicants who are not admitted may attend courses as auditors. Auditors will have access to all courses.

Length of course

The courses will be held within the time period indicated for each course. Upon request and in agreement with the teachers, the lessons may be concentrated within a shorter time period, with the exception of the final concerts.

Student concerts

During the course of study various concerts will be organized for students who will be chosen by the teachers and are required to participate.

All students are required to have concert attire.


The Fondazione Musicale Santa Cecilia assigned some scholarship for the best students that attends summer masterclasses. The teachers might indicate one or more students (it depends on the student’s number for each course) that will have to attend an audition. The winners might have to play for the concert to them dedicated, otherwise the scholarship will be revoked.

Singing Workshop

Who is interested in this workshop must attend an audition with free repertory. During lessons – that will take in the form of workshop-laboratory – students can deepen some aspect of their qualification: repertory, vocal technique, interpretation, lecture and characters psychology.

Chamber Music

Participation in the chamber music is only permitted to already formed groups: each group member must pay both the application and attendance fees.

Instrumentalists admitted to individual courses, on request and if considered qualified, may also be included in the chamber music classes. In this case there is no further application or attendance fees.

Music Pedagogy

Three different courses will be activated: one propaedeutic, one for harmony and basic composition, a percussion workshop. For the detailed program and fees see the specific regulation ( or call the secretariat.

Regulations for foreigners’ stay in Italy

Form E/111 is required for medical assistance for foreign students coming from countries within the European Community. Students from non-European Community countries are required to present their health care information to the Secretary’s office.


Online Enrollment

It is possible to apply via internet, filling in the form on line on the following website Subscription will be considered valid only if it is completed in all its part, including:

1) a copy of the bank transfer certifying the payment of the registration fee;

2) enclose via file a detailed curriculum vitae;

Only by entering the data on the form on-line, the request may be sent by data transmission and be considered valid for the purposes of registration. The Form must be arrive within the time limit of 14 July 2012. The enrollment form can be sent by mail.

Enrollment via ordinary mail

Admission request must be made either with the proper application form or on unstamped paper, indicating all personal data (name, date of Birth, etc.) and type of attendance requested. All applications must be postmarked by July 14 2012 with all the enclosures and proof of payment of the enrolment, banking commissions at your cost.

Enclosures with admissions request

Include with your application (both by mail or online)

a) n. 2 passport photos;

b) front and back photocopy of your ID card;

c) copy of your sheet music for the piano accompanists;

Group members must present individual applications indicating the name of the group of which he/she is part. Auditors may enroll after July 14.

Applications without proof of payment will not be considered. Foreign checks are not accepted. The application fee is non-refundable.


Bank transfer

Made out to

Fondazione Musicale Santa Cecilia

Via Martiri della Libertà 14

30026 Portogruaro (Ve) – Italia


Cassa di Risparmio di Venezia

via Roma 1/3, 30026 Filiale di Portogruaro (Ve) – Italia

IBAN IT14 D063 4536 2400 6700 500001P / SWIFTCODE-IBSPIT2V



Student accommodations, subject to availability, will be organized as follows:

a) hostel (rooms with 4/5 beds): € 8 per person per night (payment in advance, to be made upon arrival in Portogruaro). You are given linen and pillowcases but not towels. Bed space is limited: the reservations will be made in order of arrival of the requests until they are completed.

b) with family (in the city and outskirts): starting from € 20.00 per person per night.

Reservation should be made as soon as possible with the appropriate card, indicating the type of accommodation preferred and with all the other information requested. For confirmation and/or information please call the Secretary’s office of the Festival tel. +39 (0)421 270069 or write an e-mail to


Special arrangements have been made with various restaurants offering low price menus.


Many masterclass are offered at the “Fondazione Musicale Santa Cecilia di Portogruaro” organized to meet a few times during the year for three or four days each encounter. Lessons for the academic year 2011/2012 will begin in October/November 2012. Specific rules and programs can be found on after October/November 2012.

FESTIVAL “Notte e sogni”

International masterclass are an integral of “Notte e Sogni” Festival which organizes concerts in Portogruaro and the surrounding areas. The concerts are held by the teacher, guest orchestras and soloists, and by the students themselves. Both active students and auditors have a special reduced rate for the concerts.