violinoThe activities of the Foundation

The Fondazione Musicale Santa Cecilia was born in 1838, known by the name of: “Philharmonic Institute”. During the following 100 years, after the regulations drafting, that formalized its didactic activities (it was 1848 a full rising period), even if its several financial straits caused by the Two World Wars, it has been commited in an intense artistic life: the area from Veneto and Friuli gets benefit from it. The financial grant given by a lot of citizens of Portogruaro, that always put their trust in the Philharmonic Institute’s cultural value, allowed that the Institute carried on its activities until nowadays. In 1994 the Institute became Fondazione Musicale Santa Cecilia. The Venice Province and the City of Portogruaro, as partners of the Fondazione, consolidated the structure’s organisation warranting the sustainability and the repeatability of the activities. The Foundation is committed in three different sectors:

1)      Didactics Music School: ordinary, professional and free courses. There are 22 different courses and 55 teachers. The school also organizes important ensemble’s activities: Wind Instrument Band, Miniband, Strings Ensemble, Harps ensemble, Guitars Ensemble, Trumpets Ensemble, Young Choir and White Voice Choir. In the academic year 2011/2012 423 students from Veneto and Friuli.

  • Summer International specialisation masterclasses (read the paragraph about the International Music Festival)
  •  Winter hight specialisation courses: They are hold by some teachers of summer masterclasses. They consists of 2 or 3 courses and, they involve about 25 students from Europe and Italy every year.
  •  Theatre school: It’s a preparatory course organized with the intent to approach the children to the world of the theatre.

2)      Production

  • International Music Festival : This cultural event was founded in 1983 and this year it  has reached a very important goal: its 30th edition. This is a well-articulated initiative which has achieved, through the years, a very hight prestige and stardom so that a lot of musicians, teachers, students and music lovers were led to Portogruaro and this festival is become a renowned benchmark inside the italian music festivals. This initiative presents two souls: a concertistic soul (40 concerts and more than 8000 spectators during the past edition 2011) which is rappresented by the music festival and a didactic soul which is constitued by the masteclasses (15 instrumental courses 23 teachers and 254 students during the past summer 2011). There are also scheduled several collateral activities that are often useful to the complete concerts comprehension like the musicological conferences which are entitled “Penombre”. So this festival is made up of a thick kermess of events which interests not only the Teatro Comunale Luigi Russolo but also the most suggestive and evocative places of the city and its neighbourhood involving more and more various and variegated public.
  • Concerts and Stage show’s organization: Every year, there are organized, on average, 50 events out of the ordinary calendar.
  • “Scopriamo il teatro” and “Operina Corale” These activities involve more than 600 students from the schools that are situated in the area of Portogruaro, with the intent to approach children to the world of the theatre.

3)      Management Sector

  • Management of the Teatro Comunale Luigi Russolo The management includes the organization of the Theatre Season and the building use as a concession to other. During three years of activity 110639 spectators have crossed the treshold of the Teatro Russolo to attend to the theatrical performances or to other initiatives. (updating to 30th May 2012.)