Artistic, archaeological and natural, genuine flavors of local produce, welcome and hospitality are the small hidden treasures in every corner of the city of Portogruaro and around the Eastern Veneto. The places and the people of this land offer surprises and emotions to those who want to discover them, with attentive and curious spirit eye, and be inspired by them and enchant. Lands and waters by the unique and authentic aspects, on the trail of the great history and signs of culture and traditions that developed over the centuries and surviving. From the river Livenza to the Tagliamento River, along the Lemene river, through the Venetian Plain, a varied territory from which you can reach easily the cities of Venice, Treviso, Pordenone, Udine and Trieste. Many, and relatively short, are the routes and paths that you can follow by car, motorcycle, bicycle or on foot, by bus or train, some by boat: the historic center of Portogruaro, situated on the banks of the river Lemene, casket of jewels of medieval history, art and culture, the Abbey of Summaga, Concordia with Roman and early Christian archaeological remains, the many countries that retain the historic pearls – cultural (Fratta, Alvispoli, Gruaro, Annone Veneto, Cinto). Following the path of the water, they can see old mills, originally of plain forests, rural hedgerows, meadows and lush native vegetation areas and, again, the vast vineyards of the wine of the Lison-Pramaggiore. Through and admiring the wide area of ​​the reclamation, you are immersed in a landscape that bears witness to the transformation of unhealthy lands fertile and generous country, we explore wetlands, valleys, in particular Old Valley, natural heritage – bathing of great environmental value , and the lagoon to reach the sea and the beaches of Caorle and Bibione. Portogruaro and visit places of Eastern Veneto means a unique experience in the local and in the small and discovered traces of a story that fascinates, savoring the fragrance of the many local products, prepared according to traditional recipes, tasting wines, enjoying especially of ‘ welcome that this land and its people can offer.




Numero informazioni ATVO (Azienda Trasporti Veneto Orientale) tel. +39 0421 594508   Tourist Information


ACA – Associazione Albergatori Caorle tel. +39 0421 8125

The Hotel Association of Caorle, with over 120 participating companies, is the town’s main association.

CAORLE. Situated between Venice and Trieste, Caorle and its 15 kilometres of fine sand, offers both striking beauty and a wide range of accommodation to satisfy every need. The old town of Caorle with its quaint fishing village, has remained unchanged over the ages. The Byzantine Romanesque cathedral and its monumental cylindrical bell tower is the symbol of an enduring ancient tradition